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We offer a number of different Squarespace Workshops to address different
needs in building and maintaining a Squarespace website.

George Cartwright is an Authorized Squarespace Trainer. He conducts individual and group workshops for people to learn to create, maintain and edit a Squarespace site. If you are interested in these workshops, which can be tailored to your specific needs, please fill out this

If these workshops listed below do not meet your needs please contact us and we will develop a workshop for you.



Individual Workshop - $500


You learn how to use Squarespace at your own pace, with personal instruction and attention to your needs for your website. Three sessions of two hours each should be enough to send you on your way with your new site. These sessions can also take place online if you are not in St Paul/ Minneapolis Metropolitan area.

 Group Workshop #1 - $180 per person


This Group Class focuses on introducing you to Squarespace and the basics of working with and creating a site. This workshop accommodates 4 to 6 participants. It consists of two classes of three hours each at a location to be determined.

 Group Workshop #2 - $180 per person


This workshop is organized to address a groups web design needs. Such as a group of artists, poets, musicians, knitting clubs, cheese makers. Each will learn in a group setting how to make a specific website for them. The group may pool their resources, consult with me and create a class that would meet their collective needs. The group will choose the workshop location (artists might want to gather in a studio; a company may have a meeting room; musicians in a practice space).

Please note: Once you have completed your website all participants in the above workshops will have access to support materials for questions you may have.

Introduction to Squarespace - $40 per person


This is a lecture demonstration.

No laptops are needed but feel free to bring yours if you want. This is a two-hour long session to show you what SS can do. 

I will demonstrate the following:

* How to start an account
* How to choose a template
* How to work with the temple
* Add text and images
* Create a slide show
* Make a contact form and more...



    Squarespace provides beautiful designer templates. They are clean, minimal, sophisticated and elegant examples of what each template can be and do (if you don't want clean and minimal, don't worry, that can also be accomplished). They offer Landing Pages which can give an impressive entrance to your site. Here are two Landing Page examples:

    Landing Page Example One 

    Landing Page Example Two

    All Squarespace templates are responsive, meaning that you can resize your browser and the content (including the images, slideshows) will also automatically resize to help give you and your visitors optimized viewing experiences. This is especially helpful if your visitors tend to use mobile devices (an upward trend these days).

    37 kb test.jpg


    Squarespace gives you extensive styling options that a lot of other website builders do not have. We’re not saying that you can’t do those types of customizations with other website builders, it’s just that Squarespace makes it very easy for you to customize your website’s design without editing codes. So this option works great especially if you are not a coding ninja. For example, you can adjust the fonts, colors, image opacity, sidebar width, background images, sizes, spacing / padding, etc of just about anything on a Squarespace website.