I've been involved with Web Design and it's
accompanying technologies for about fifteen years.

It's an ever changing world and I enjoy working in it immensely. My interest in
computers goes back to 1991 when I got my first Atari STE 1020. With one meg of RAM. I loved it.

Taking the ideas someone has and translating them into the visual form of a Web site is a distinct pleasure for me. My desire is to make something that will make you and your site
stand out from the chatter and clutter we all are surrounded by these days.




Adaptive problem solver with ability to meet hard deadlines using innovative, collaborative and creative solutions and skills. Extensive, successful experience in:

  • Web Design, development, consultation and implementation
  • High-end residential and commercial artistic painting projects
  • Music production, performance and composition                                                                                      
  • Freelance project management and administration
  • Volunteer at the MORE Center in St Paul, MN as a teacher's assistant for assisting
    refugees from East Asia to learn English


  • Operate and manage a successful decorative painting business – 25 years           
  • www.eliascartwright.com. Create and deliver marketing presentations to decorators and architects to develop a network of professional contact.
  • Estimate cost of job accurately and efficiently to meet customer expectations
  • Produce sample boards and on-site work examples as aids for helping clients
    understand project strategies and details
  • Build consultative relationships with customers  
  • Meet with clients in web design and develop effective and beautiful solutions to their needs


  • Staff and oversee job sites to ensure projects are completed in timely manner
  • Establish strong communication and cooperation with clients, contractors and
    decorators to assure on-time and on-spec project completion
  • Adapt quickly and professionally to mid-stream concept and project changes


  • Professional performing and recording composer and saxophonist – 25 years
  • Promoter, manager and performer – European, US and Canadian tours
  • Producer – 15 recording projects  
  • Collaborator – multi-media programs bringing together poets, video artists,performance artists and musicians  
  • McKnight Fellowship in Music Composition
  • Jerome Foundation Music Composition Commission


  • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology, Mississippi State University
  • University of Southern Mississippi
  • Jackson Steve University,
  • University of Memphis,
  • Creative Music Studio ,Woodstock, NY ,
  • Personal study in music composition and improvisation
  • Personal study in web design, HTML, CSS, SEO,
  • Word Press, Square Space and other web development platforms


 Word Press, Square Space, other web design platforms, Wuffo Forms for event registration and more, Google Maps, Google Analytics and Google Ad Words, Mailchimp for blogs and html email, Steinberg Cubase SX3 and Ableton Live for audio recording, Sony Vegas video editing software , audio editing and production and more.